Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sadistic 1965 Movie

An elite secret society initiates its members, one per year, as college freshmen. The society chooses two debutantes of equal beauty and social importance for each initiate. The initiate must simultaneously court both with equal intensity. He reports to the society on his progress. The society offers guidance whenever he goes afoul in his courtship just as successfully as they guarantee his career path--perfectly.

At a certain point, a full member of the society, selected as his mentor during the initiation rite, gets to choose which of the two debutantes the initiate is to marry. The initiate vows to treat his designated bride like a princess for the rest of her life. The initiate must deflower and systematically destroy the ego of the other debutante through a series of humiliations. He prostitutes her to the other members of the society and, ultimately, forces her to whore in a brothel entirely made up of women cultivated in the same manner by the society.

The mentor has full authority to choose the fates of the two girls regardless of the sentiment of the initiate because this privilege is part of the mentor's own initiation into the senate of the society. The other part of his entry to the senate is executing the debutante/whore of his youth. All the whores know their execution date once they enter the brothel. The members enjoy the whores' frenzy to curry favor and/or dejected submission to depravity and/or desperate and doomed attempts at escape as their execution approaches.

The protagonist has been assigned a mentor who is infamously sadistic. The protagonist is more in love with one of his debutantes than the other from the outset. Expecting his mentor to hurt him by making him destroy the woman he loves, he tries to mislead the society about his feelings toward the two debutantes. He manages to mislead the society, but not the mentor. The mentor chooses to destroy the girl the boy is in love with. The boy engineers an elaborate escape plan that results in a deadly chase, the lovers sacrificing themselves in the manner of Romeo and Juliet; but it's all a fantasy. The boy does as commanded and deflowers the debutante to begin the ceremony in which the mentor's whore is sacrificed. The sadistic mentor breaks down after he executes his whore--he was in love with her all along. He shoots the boy, as well, for being a traitor and misleading the society. The society covers it up as a hunting accident.